Membrane with microwells

The key component of SIEVEWELL™ is thin membrane with microwells.

– Size of microwells; 20 μm width, 25 μm depth.

– 370,000 wells in 17 mm x 17 mm

Membrane with microwells is fabricated by photolithography, the semiconductor manufacturing process. This technology enables to prepare precise patterns with dimensions comparable to the size of a single cell. The hexagonal microwell shape is ideal for automated cell detection and counting with software.

Single cell capture rate is more than 90% even when 200,000 cells are loaded.

The membrane is highly transparent in the visible light region. This transparency is suitable for microscopic and optical measurements.

Autofluorescence strongly interferes with the target detection signal. The autofluorescence of SIEVEWELL™ membrane is very low under conventional fluorescence imaging conditions.