Calcium Flux Assay in Suspension Cells

Ca2+ imaging of floating cells such as blood or immune cells, is quite challenging. Cells float due to turbulent flow of buffer or reagent addition. It is important to keep cells at the same position during assay for fluorescence signal based quantitative analysis. SIEVEWELL™ has single cell sized nanowells and enables Ca2+ imaging for suspension cells.

Comparison beteen conventional microwell plate and SIEVEWELL™. K562 cells were treated with Fluo 4 AM( 5 μM HBSS(-)) for 20 min. Cells were placed on 96 well plate or loaded into SIEVEWELL™. Excess buffer was reoved and Ionomycin ( 5 μM PBS(+)) was added.

Fluo 4 AM induced K562 cells were treated with Ionomycin.